Functional Movement Screening

Functional Movement Screening (FMS) is the tool I use to identify dysfunctions in fundamental movement patterns that are key to your functional movement quality with no current pain or injury (FMS is for healthy, active people and for healthy inactive people who want to increase  their physical activity). 

This is a test with a grading system based on observable performances of basic movements, by having you move in ways where weaknesses and imbalances become noticeable if the appropriate mobility is not being used. This will target dysfunctions that may be reducing the effects of your physical conditioning (i.e. your workouts) and we can then work on corrective exercises and track your progress.

The purpose of the FMS is predictive; the evaluation process effortlessly identifies limitations, and the corrective strategies can be applied at any fitness level. Based off of your individual FMS scores, you will receive specific exercises to instantly create your very own customized treatment plan.

What is the difference between FMS and SFMA? 

- FMS is a screening test for healthy, active people and for healthy, inactive people who want to increase their physical activity. These individuals do not show symptoms of pain or discomfort.

- SFMA is an assessment of the musculoskeletal when pain is present.