About the Business

Meet the team!

The founders: Jose & Maxine

We’re a husband and wife team that believe in health and wellness. We truly believe that regular manual therapy (massage and osteopathic manual treatment) and guided movement for the musculoskeletal system can rehabilitate, maintain, enhance and protect you from injury.

Collectively we have over 20 years experience in healthcare and far more years in organized and alternative sports. Movement is a passion and we believe everyone has the ability to move well and then move often. 

We met in 2011 in college at the gym… In 2014 we opened Avalon Massage Therapy where we mostly offered massage therapy. However we quickly saw a missing link of movement with our clients musculoskeletal health. Since graduating from massage therapy we have taken as many assessment and rehab related courses as possible and Jose eventually completed his degree of manual osteopathy in 2017. 

In 2022 we took a BIG leap of faith and drove down to sunny Naples, FL where we were offered to buy Naples Massage and Neuromuscular. An established business owned and operated by a fellow Canadian, Tabatha Petersen. We are proud to merge our Canadian experiences with the phenomenal team of therapists and receptionist of Naples Massage and Neuromuscular.  Our clinic is growing and we are thrilled to help our clients get back to their activities and enjoy their sports, such as golf, tennis, pickleball, polo, and more. 

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to deliver accessible, high-quality, and client-centered healthcare, striving to positively impact and change the lives of those we serve.


We are dedicated to providing exceptional treatments focused on delivering results and proactively preventing injuries. Our personalized treatment and rehabilitation plans cater to the unique needs of every individual who visits our clinic.

Our core values:

Client Centred

At our core, we're driven by a genuine desire to help people—that's why we entered this field. We're committed to working alongside you, viewing our journey together as a collaboration. We listen to your concerns and actively involve you in decisions-making that impact your treatment and rehabilitation plans. 

Results Orientated 

Our goal is your swift and natural recovery. We aspire for you to regain control of your life, both physically and mentally. We want you to enjoy the activities you love, play your favorite sports, and engage in the interests that bring you joy.


Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to the complexity of the human body and movement. We strive to empower you by uncovering the root causes of your symptoms and educating you on how to prevent their recurrence. Equipped with valuable tools and resources, we guide you to make informed decisions that enhance your health and improve your condition. 


We strive to be the best manual therapists for you and are committed to deliver the highest standards of practice in our field. We continually educate ourselves, practice our skills and stay relevant to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients. education courses regularly, practice our skills and stay relevant

​Injury Prevention

Prevention is the best medicine. We want to help you enjoy life and reach your physical goals injury free.

Instead of waiting for injuries to occur and addressing them then, we focus on identifying factors and potential risks for future injuries, then we help our clients implement certain measures, and adopt healthier habits that help prevent injuries from happening in the first place. 



Thank you Best in Ottawa for recognizing our clinic and services. Please check out their site for other highly recommended professionals in the region.