Jill Maetzold

Licensed Massage Therapist


Jill completed her massage education 11 years ago here in Fort Myers at Florida Academy. She graduated with 900 hours of hands on and class room education. Covered all of the basic techniques in the Birst 600 hours and in the last 300 covered more medical and went more in depth on issues like sciatic nerve issues, tmj, and thoracic outlet syndrome. Jill has worked in corporate spas, owner operators and chiropractic of Bices as well. Each position brought unique and different challenges, but the one thing that stayed true was the fact that we all need massage, and not just as a luxury item. Every body is different and needs to be treated as such. Main techniques used are deep tissue, firm pressure, trigger point and neuromuscular.

Continuing Education

Pure Trigger Point Lower body, Aug 2023

Neuromuscular Therapy and assessment, July2023

Pure Trigger Point Upper body, Aug 2021

Decompression Therapy, Jan 2020

Functional Training specialist, June 2017

Medical Massage for lower extremities, May 2016

Kinesiology for golf and tennis asymmetrical sport issues for the massage therapist, July 2015

Myofascial techniques for the neck and shoulders, February 2015

Once as a non runner, I actually enjoy going for a run, and occasionally going out for a round of golf. Coming for an athletic background getting into massage just made sense. Being able to take the knowledge I have in regards to posture and gait I can use that in my massage practice. Same goes for my understanding of how the body works, when working out. If you asked me what my favorite client would be, I would say the weekend warriors, people with a chronic neck pain/ headaches, and runners.


Days Hours
Saturday 9am to 4pm
Sunday 10am to 4pm
Monday 8am to 1pm


Massage Therapy License number MA 76772

Business License number MM 44436