Eric Stein

Licensed Massage Therapist

Eric Stein is an exceptionally skilled massage therapist, boasting extensive expertise across various modalities. His specialization lies in advanced techniques such as medical, neuromuscular, and myofascial release, which he has meticulously refined through years of dedicated practice. Since 2000, Eric has also held the esteemed title of Reiki Master, infusing his healing sessions with a holistic approach. Additionally, he has demonstrated proficiency in Thai traditional massage therapy and Shiatsu, beginning his journey with these practices in 2003 while residing in Asia.

Eric's pursuit of excellence propelled him to explore Eastern traditions further, immersing himself in Thai traditional therapy during his time in Asia. This experience enriched his repertoire, equipping him with a diverse array of bodywork methods. By seamlessly integrating Western and Eastern modalities, Eric offers clients a comprehensive and personalized healing experience tailored to their individual needs.

His profound knowledge and hands-on expertise empower him to alleviate pain, restore equilibrium, and foster overall well-being in his clients. Driven by a genuine passion for promoting wellness and a steadfast commitment to continuous learning, Eric Stein is dedicated to delivering exceptional care to those he serves.


Day Hours
Thursday 1 to 7pm
Friday 1 to 6pm
Saturday 9am to 4pm
Sunday 10am to 4pm


Massage Therapist License Number MA57327

Business License Number MM 44436