Mary Mato

Licensed Massage Therapist

Meet Yusmary Mato, a dedicated massage therapist with a wealth of experience and a passion for helping others. Graduating from the university in 2010 with a degree in Physical Culture, Sports, Therapeutic, and Prophylactic Massage, Yusmary has since worked internationally, specializing in the rehabilitation and recovery for both children and adults.

Her commitment to excellence is evident through her continuous pursuit of knowledge, holding degrees in Medical Assistance, Therapeutic Massage, Postgraduate Rehabilitation Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, HIPAA compliance, Sport Massage, and Stretching. With a comprehensive and diverse skill set, Yusmary is dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality of care, ensuring a holistic and effective approach to wellness.


Day Hours
Saturday 9am to 4pm


Massage Therapy License Number MA98884

Business License Number MM 44436