Debra Rink

Licensed Massage Therapist, Athletic Trainer, Life Coach

Debra is a licensed massage therapist as well as an athletic trainer with experience performing massage and therapy in a variety of athletic settings, clinics, and spas since 2011.

Her background in martial arts has driven her to learn Japanese style massage techniques, and her background in life coaching and yoga also adds to the experience on the massage table. She finds her purpose in caring for the client in a teamwork power hour. The experience is custom made for each client to best serve him/her to walk out with more performance, recovery and maintenance for their daily lives.

The types of massages she offers are:

She has a master’s of science in athletic training from Weber State University in 2014 and a Florida massage License in 2015 from Florida School of Therapeutic Massage. She has also been a certified strength and conditioning coach from 2013-2015. She received yoga teacher training in Nashville, TN in 2017 and has since done advanced training in pranayama breathing exercises. All of these licenses and certifications have added skills to her massage practice. Her continuing education has included more courses in concussions, rehabilitation techniques, and advanced massage techniques.

Debra has experience working with elite athletes and weekend warriors, office workers who sit a lot, mom’s, prenatal, overuse injuries, and injury recovery, and anyone experiencing stress. She has worked well and has extensive knowledge on concussions, low back pain, headaches, injuries, stress related tension, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, thoracic outlet syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, and rehabilitation.


Days Hours
Monday and Tuesday 1 to 7pm
Thursday and Friday 9am to 3pm


Massage Therapy License number MA 99543

Business License number MM44436