How to maximize movement at your sit/ stand work station for better posture!

In the past few years ergonomics is a term we have become accustom to hearing. It means 'the study of people's efficiency in their working environment.' Generally, this translates into having an assessment to insure the best functional work station for you. For desk workers this results in a chair and desk that are the right size for your frame. What I want to explain is how to make the most of your work station with the use of two simple tools.

All you need is a foam pad (or pillow) and a yoga tune up ball (or any firm, fist size ball). These two tools give you a few more working positions and help you change your loads. 


First, if all you have a is a regular desk - that is fine! Using the foam pad under your knee gives you another working position in half kneeling (as in the picture below) or tall kneeling (both knees down with the torso in straight line with the knees). These positions stretch your hip flexors and engage your core to keep your balance.

Second, when you're standing at your desk take your shoes off and stand on the foam pad. This gets the intrinsic foot muscles and your proprioceptive muscles working - it's great for your balance!

Third, roll the bottom of your feet while you're standing. It releases yours fascia and helps with circulation. 

Finally, while standing, stretch your lower legs. I like using a yoga tune up ball to stretch my calfs and then stretch the muscle on my shins with my toes flat on the ground as shown in the two pictures below.  


And voila! You have a few easy to implement tools that will help you get more movement while working your desk job ;)