TMJ Mastery

TMJ Mastery is the specialization of treatments for TMD (tempomandibular disorder). It involves addressing the cause and symptoms and compensations patterns of the presenting TMD. This means treating the four TMJ muscles, postural imbalances, and resorting range of motion and stability as required at the TMJ and other affected areas such as the cervical spine (neck), thoracic and sacrum.

What is TMD?

TMD are dysfunctions related to the TMJ (tempomandibular joint). This is the joint that connects the mandible (jaw bone) to the head. We use this joint to talk, swallow, and chew our food. There are four muscles involved: the Medial and Lateral pterygoids, Masseter, and Temporalis.

Symptoms are:

What causes it?

How is it diagnosed?

Two of these symptoms have to be present: pain, clicking and/ or grinding, and inability to open the jaw wide enough to insert three fingers on your dominant hand in a fist

Massage therapy and Treatment:

Massage therapy can greatly improve and resolve TMD. Through thorough assessment of the TMJ, it's disc placement and muscles, ART, fascial release, trigger point work, addressing muscle imbalances, and postural imbalances TMD can be resolved. For optimal results you want to commit to three, one hour massage therapy treatments over the course of three weeks. 

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