Jamison Smith

Licensed Massage Therapist


Jamison is a licensed massage therapist dedicated to providing exceptional care. With six months of hands-on experience, he is thrilled to be part of Naples massage and neuromuscular performance therapy. Jamison's journey into massage therapy was inspired by my big sister, who is a seasoned massage therapist. This influence shaped his passion for enhancing well-being through the art of touch. His active lifestyle, including weightlifting, cycling, running, wrestling, bjj and various physical activities, allows him to connect with clients on a personal level. He understand the demands our bodies face and tailors his approach accordingly. With a background as a nursing assistant, he brings a holistic approach to his massage practice. Personalized care is the foundation of Jamison's service, aiming to address both physical and mental well-being. While he currently dose not specialize in neuromuscular therapy, his commitment to providing top-notch massage experiences remains unwavering. He focuses on deep tissue massage, delivering maximum effort and a compassionate touch. In 2024, he is dedicated to advancing his education and acquiring specialized skills to elevate the massage experience for his clients. Embark on your journey to wellness with Jamison at Naples massage and neuromuscular performance therapy—where expertise meets compassion.


Day Hours
Sunday 10am to 4pm
Monday 1 to 7pm


Massage Therapy License number MA 101985

Business License number MM 44436